Home Renovation Ideas That Will Provide An Increase In Your Home’s Market Value

Home Renovation IdeasThere are homeowners all over the world looking to take on home renovation projects. In many cases, they do so based on what they want and this can become an issue when it comes time to sell the home. We all have certain likes and dislikes and we believe our home is one for a lifetime. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case today as they are not built to last, and with area growth, you may simply not like being in a heavily populated area forever. When it comes time to sell the home, there are some renovations that will not only satisfy your needs but also make the home far more valuable than others surrounding you.

This article will provide several home renovation ideas and projects that will leave you with a home that not only appeals to you but others to the point that you profit far more on closing day than you ever imagined.

Renovation Ideas For The Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are always on the top of the home improvement project list. Not only does this room become the focal point of your home, it is the room that others judge the home by. The fact is that when company visits a home, the kitchen is the prime conversation place. Sure, there may be a game on TV but people will flock to the kitchen to chat and snack. It is the primary room in the home and the easiest to renovate to meet the needs of others and increase the value of the home.

Cabinet and counter-top upgrades just make the room scream “Look at me!” These upgrades are not expensive and even lower end economical components have become quite attractive. Add to that, newer energy efficient appliances, flooring and light fixtures and the transformation is complete. The kitchen becomes the focal point of the home and one that will appeal to everyone who sees it. Surprisingly, a kitchen renovation can actually increase the value of the home more than a room addition.

Renovation Ideas For The Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling projects also bring in more value to the home. This is a room that in most cases is pretty standard and one most can live with; however, a remodel can make a huge difference. Consider adding his and hers sinks and cabinets and suddenly the room is completely different and one that stands out as different than others.

Tubs and shower remodels are actually quite simple to do as many stores now sell one piece units, and for a low remodel cost, can add thousands to the value of the home. People have certain expectations when it comes to this room, but when you exceed those expectations, the bathroom becomes an eye catcher.

Replace, repair or paint the siding on your home. This is one of the biggest issues with low home appraisals. This is what people see first, and when the exterior of the home looks run down and unkempt, the buyer or appraisers assume the inside is just as poor and the value is reduced. There is no reason to not paint the outside of your home. The job can be done over the weekend, and you could even have a BBQ to invite friends over to help accomplish the task. They get some fun food for their help and you get the most important feature of your home updated as well as the home’s value increased. Not only does your home look better, it will stand out among others in the neighborhood. If the siding needs repairs, make sure you do so as it not only looks better, it protects the integrity of the house by preventing external damage from critters or weather.

Renovation Ideas For Your Landscape

You can increase the value of your home by leaving a great first impression with eye-catching landscaping. You do not need to go to an exotic plant nursery to make it look great. You can add fruit trees from your favorite gardening store, a colorful floral array surrounding a small Koi pond (it’s not as expensive as you think), or simply maintaining your yard, pruning bushes and trees and edging the grass. The exterior of the home is important in the value of your home and a beautiful yard will add to how much a buyer is willing to pay, especially if it stands out from others in the neighborhood.

Another exterior aspect that can increase the value of the home is by enlarging your outdoor living space. Now if you have an empty lot you can afford to buy right next door, then by all means do so as added land also adds to the value, but here we are talking about recreational space. Try to find a way to expand your backyard patio or deck. These are sought after by purchasers and the larger the area, the more value it brings to the home. If your home is one that has a small back area and all the yard in the front, consider a wrap around porch as this will add a lot to the home’s value and becomes a focal point to the outside of the home.

As you can see, there are several home renovation ideas and projects that will not break the bank and offer a huge return on your initial investment by way of increasing your home’s market value. The key to remember is that whatever you choose to do, it needs to something that others desire as well. When others are seeking the renovations you make or simply cannot take their attention off the changes, the more they are willing to pay for your home if you choose to sell in the future.